Laparoscopic and Robotic Management of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancies are a sensitive and stressful concern for many women. Barbara Schroeder, MD wants to make the process as easy as possible by offering a minimally invasive way to manage ectopic pregnancies. Dr. Schroeder can perform laparoscopic and robotic management of these pregnancies to give patients a simple option for treatment.

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An ectopic pregnancy refers to when a fertilized egg attaches outside the uterus, most commonly in the Fallopian tube. A fertilized egg cannot grow outside of the uterus, so ectopic pregnancies are very serious health concerns for the mother. An ectopic pregnancy can lead to life-threatening bleeding if left untreated.

For this reason, ectopic pregnancies must be removed as soon as they are detected. The cause of ectopic pregnancies are multifactorial and often unknown. Many women do not realize they have an ectopic pregnancy until they experience symptoms, including the following:

  • Dizziness

  • Fainting

  • Irregular bleeding

  • Pain in the abdomen

  • One-sided pelvic pain

  • Rectal pressure

In some cases, an ectopic pregnancy can be resolved using a medication that immediately terminates the pregnancy. However, many ectopic pregnancies are not diagnosed until they have progressed to where they require surgical intervention.

When a patient experiences an ectopic pregnancy, Dr. Schroeder uses either laparoscopic or robotic removal, depending on the patient’s unique needs. During laparoscopic management of an ectopic pregnancy, the patient is put under general anesthesia before making multiple small incisions on the abdomen.

The abdominal cavity is filled with carbon dioxide, creating more space for the surgeon to work. A laparoscope is then inserted into the pelvic region to provide light and obtain video images of the pelvic organs. Dr. Schroeder uses this technology to effectively remove the ectopic pregnancy and prevent life-threatening symptoms from progressing.

Robotic surgery can be used to manage ectopic pregnancies, as well. Dr. Schroeder utilizes the daVinci system to remove ectopic pregnancies through robotic surgery. The patient is put under general anesthesia during a robotic procedure before small incisions are made on the lower abdomen.

Dr. Schroeder uses miniaturized surgical tools with wristed mechanics and the daVinci control devices to maneuver these tools while viewing detailed images of the inside of the pelvic region. This method allows for advanced visualization and detailed precision, making it possible for Dr. Schroeder to manage the ectopic pregnancy in a minimally invasive manner.

If you’re seeking minimally invasive gynecologic surgery in Houston, either laparoscopic or robotic management of an ectopic pregnancy may be the right choice. These outpatient procedures make it possible for the patient to return home the same day as their procedure. There will be minimal pain and a short recovery after these procedures, allowing the patient to resume regular activity relatively quickly afterward.


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