In-Office LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) in Houston, TX

Barbara Schroeder, MD, a top gynecological surgeon in Houston, uses various diagnostic tools to treat patients as effectively as possible. This includes in-office loop electrosurgical excision procedures, also known as LEEP. LEEP is an innovative diagnostic method that uses a wire loop heated by an electric current to remove cells and tissue from a patient’s lower genital tract for treatment purposes, eliminating precancerous cells from the cervix.

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During a LEEP procedure, an electric current passes through a fine wire loop and cuts away thin layers of abnormal tissue from these areas of the genital tract. This tissue can then be sent to a lab for testing.

LEEP can be used as a diagnostic tool but is primarily used as a treatment option. Loop electrosurgical excision procedures can remove unhealthy or abnormal tissue for new, healthy tissue to grow in its place. This is often in cases of HPV related cervical precancerous changes.

When having LEEP performed with Dr. Schroeder, the entire procedure is designed to be safe and simple. The patient lies back comfortably while the feet are placed in stirrups to separate the legs, similar to a routine pelvic exam. Dr. Schroeder then inserts a speculum into the vagina canal to spread the walls of the vagina and get a better view of the cervix.

A colposcope is used to magnify the tissue for an enhanced image. This surgical tool is placed at the opening of the vagina and will allow the surgeon to get a detailed view of the treatment areas.

Dr. Schroeder will then use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment areas. She will insert the LEEP wire through the speculum to the tissue being treated. When activated, the LEEP device releases electrical currents which heat the wire to remove abnormal cells and tissue. Multiple passes may be necessary depending on the size of the treatment area or the number of treatment areas.

After the abnormal tissue is removed, samples will be sent to the lab for further diagnostic testing. The patient may experience slight cramps and mild discomfort after LEEP. There should be little to no bleeding, as the electrical current heat used during the procedure seals blood vessels in the treatment area. Patients can experience minor discomfort after their LEEP procedure, but this typically resolves after 48 hours.


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