In-Office Colposcopy in Houston, TX

As a leading gynecologist in Houston, Dr. Schroeder utilizes a wide range of diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat various gynecological conditions.

bespectacled woman on couchbespectacled woman on couch

This includes in-office colposcopy procedures to examine the cervix for signs of disease. Colposcopy is a minimally invasive procedure that magnifies the image of the cervical or vaginal tissue, giving the doctor a detailed view of abnormal tissue. Colposcopy is often used to diagnose and treat the following conditions and more:

  • Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix)

  • Genital warts

  • Precancerous cervical tissue

  • Precancerous vaginal tissue

  • Cancerous cervical tissue

  • Cancerous vaginal tissue

During a colposcopy, the patient lies back comfortably, with the feet placed in stirrups to spread the legs outward, similar to a routine pelvic examination.

Dr. Schroeder will place a speculum in the vagina to hold the vaginal walls open, giving clear access to the cervix. The colposcope is then placed a few inches from the vulva. Dr. Schroeder will direct light into the vaginal canal to illuminate the cervical tissue and use the colposcope’s magnifying lens to get an enlarged, detailed view of the cervical tissue.

A cotton swab will be used to clear the area of any discharge, allowing the doctor to gain a better view of the tissue. Dr. Schroeder may apply a solution to the cervical tissue to help highlight any areas of concern. This solution can sometimes tingle or burn upon application. The entire colposcopy procedure typically takes 10 minutes or less depending upon the issue at hand.

In some instances, a biopsy will be performed during the colposcopy if abnormal tissue is found. A small sample of the tissue cells will be collected and sent away to a laboratory for diagnostic testing. This is often used in instances where cervical or vaginal precancerous or cancerous lesions are suspected. If a biopsy is necessary during the colposcopy, Dr. Schroeder will inject a local anesthetic in the treatment area to prevent any discomfort.

There is no recovery or downtime necessary after a routine colposcopy. If the doctor decides to perform a biopsy, there may be slight discomfort and minimal bleeding in the hours that follow the procedure. The colposcopy results are usually available within one week, depending on the circumstances.


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